To educate, a fulfilling task

I consider that one of the fundamental pillars of the artists is training. The transmission of technical and conceptual knowledge is important but educating the eye is even more important.

I am thankful to my teachers for all I learned from them. For me teaching is an act to thank them, but also an act of love for art. Communicating knowledge, raising sensibilities and sharing a passion for art is a rewarding task.

In my lessons, debate and exchange are as essential as technical work. All of them contribute to the visual and conceptual maturity of the student. My pedagogical proposal is to guide them along their development.

I teach in my studio regularly. I also offer several monographic courses inside and outside the studio such as: Introduction to portrait; The colour in the portrait; How to plan a portrait; Background and figure; Composition of urban themes; Looking at the city; Sketching au naturel; Brush language in watercolour; Stroke and colour; Human body and watercolour; Creative watercolour.

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